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Fixtures and Displays

All of our fixtures are manufactured in the United States. They are designed to accommodate any of our Brands and are available with appropriate signage for:
   Platinum Edge Bi-Focal Sun Readers
   KnotMaster Bi-Focal Sun Readers
   Shooter's Edge
In addition, they may be customized to compliment your stores' decor.

    Rotating Floor Display
    Three (3) sides
    Total 90 Piece Exposure
    Shown with RED Glo-Top
    Shooter's Edge Signage 1-side

   Rotating Counter Top Fixture
   Four (4) sides
   Total 24 Piece Exposure

   Shown with GREEN GloTop
   Platinum Edge product
      Signage and mirrors

Our Oak Rotating Counter Displays can be customized with a variety of signage and mirrors.  Just like a little piece of fine furniture, made in the USA.

   Counter Top
   Four (4) sides
   Total 24 Piece Exposure