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If you are interested in featuring our KnotMaster brands of Polarized Eyewear we would like to hear from you.

Model: MC24
24 Piece Exposure
View of Sides 1 & 2
KnotMaster Bi-Focals
Model: CD12
12 Piece Exposure

Our Custom Oak Rotating Counter Displays feature a Polarization Glare Tester and Reading Glass selection Eye Chart.  Just like a little piece of fine furniture, made in the USA.

We are a niche-category appealing to over 80 million "Baby Boomers."

Retailers are most successful merchandising KnotMaster on one of our exclusive oak counter displays and not mixing it in with the merchandise on a regular Sunglass Display. These "boomers" know what they need but will not shop a typical sunglass rack to find their "power."

Our retails are very affordable and are $20 to $60.00 less than our competitors.

Display & Purchasing information is available to qualified dealers.

We would love to have your business.  Please contact us for additional information or a wholesale quantity quote.